NAS ViewPoint

NAS ViewPoint is a convenient and concise appraisal summary that assists with the identification of potential risks associated with property appraisals. Combining lender specific criteria, guidelines, property and market factors, NAS ViewPoint provides a score that indicates various risk levels. The ViewPoint simplifies the way an appraisal report is reviewed.

Recognizing the increased need for data analysis and emerging collateral management strategies among Financial Institutions, NAS developed and successfully implemented fully customizable online appraisal forms using industry-leading technology. The NAS Appraisal Score, using customized logic, automatically extracts key data elements to compute appraisal risk factors and presents them on a summary page. Clear upfront identification of risks can save significant time in the appraisal review process, while mitigating potential valuation risk. This process is fully automated, providing NAS' clients with the highest level of accuracy.

The NAS ViewPoint can connect public information such as previous sales, ownership history and assessment information where available to further identify potential risks and inconsistencies with the valuation.

Overall, the NAS ViewPoint simplifies the way an appraisal report is reviewed, assists in the identification of risk and effectively manages the appraisal review process.