My Appraisal Portal

My Appraisal Portal lets you access the data that resides within your personal NAS profile for appraisals that originate outside of the NAS platform.This management tool consolidates your appraisals in one location and promotes efficiencies within your office.Use My Appraisal Portal with your existing NAS data, and the full suite of NAS appraisal forms to complete all your future appraisal requests.


My Appraisal Portal lets you:

  • Work from a single database
  • Create worksheets for your own appraisals
  • Clone appraisals previously completed for NAS
  • Create new or use existing appraisal templates
  • Use the full suite of NAS appraisal forms
  • Create professional invoices
  • Manage your accounting
  • Assign appraisals to appraisers within your firm

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